Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toilet Paper Candles!

Yes, you read right! This cute decorative candle is made out of a roll of toilet paper!! So easy and cheap to make and are great for home decor and gift giving! The little thing on top is a battery operated candle (flameless tealight candle) dipped in wax! So sorry about the nasty mirror in this what happens when you have hot oil fragrance burners and they explode all over your mirror when it starts to run out of fragrance! LOL are the instructions to show just how easy these are!

1 Roll of toilet paper (any kind)
Wax (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)
Fragrance (also got from HL)
Crayon (to add color)

Step 1:
First you need to melt your wax in a pot. Depending on how many of these you want to make, I would use 1-2 lbs. for one candle just to make sure you have enough. You can always remelt the wax and use it antoher time. I bought the 10 lb wax at Hobby Lobby and just broke off chunks with hammer and screw driver until I thought I had enough. You can guess pretty easily on how much to use. I use a big pot (filled with 2 cups of water) then put a smaller pot in that and put the wax in the smaller pot. This will melt the wax. DO NOT put wax in a pot directly on the burner and try to melt it that way, you will catch it on fire! (Be sure to put the pot with wax in another pot filled with water when melting wax.) Wax should become melted in about 10 minutes on high. Stir occasionally.

Step 2:
Once your wax becomes melted, pour a few drops of fragrance into the wax. Put however many drops you want, depending on how strong you want your scented candle to be. I use about 5 drops. This is the time to also add in your crayon. Start off with a small piece and keep adding more for desired color. The more you add, the darker it will become. Be sure to remove the label from the crayon before putting into the wax though! Keep stirring occassionally to mix in the color and fragrance.

Step 3:
When your wax is completely melted and you have stirred in the desired amount of fragrance and color, turn off your stove and remove the pot with the wax out of the larger pot and set to the side. To get the grungy lumpy candle look (that I LOVE) let the wax cool until it starts becoming lumpy. This usually takes around 5 minutes or so. Just keep an eye on it. Even if you dont want the grungy look, you will still need to let it cool slightly because if you try to put the toilet paper in it, it will just soak up the wax and become super heavy and won't cover the outside very good and thats definitely not what we're going for!

Step 4:
Once your wax is to the point of where it is getting lumpy, take tongs (or use your hands like I do if its not too hot) and dip your toilet paper in the wax and roll it around and keep dipping as you twirl it around until you get the look you want! Let it sit to cool for about 15 minutes before decorating!

Step 5:
Now that your "candle" has cooled it is time to decorate! Decorate it however you want! I use fabric, anything that has a flat back. I have used ornaments, stars for the primitive look, berries, flowers, bows, ribbon, etc!

Step 6: (optional)
If you want the little battery operated tea light on top, you will need to have a different color wax melted. (or you can use the same if you prefer!) I use a small pot for this because it doesnt take very much to cover it. I do it the same way as the toilet paper and wait till it gets lumpy and then I use my fingers to help cover it. Use a paintbrush or something like that if its too hot for you to touch. Don't dip it in the wax, because it may ruin the battery inside and cause it not to light. Be sure not to get it on the flame part so you can see the light. Now, your finished! Oh and one tip if you dont want people to know its toilet paper is to glue a piece of paper over the hole on the bottom before you cover in wax and it hides the hole! Also, try to cover the inside of the roll a little with wax so its not so noticeable.

If you need help or have questions just email me at and I will gladly answer any questions you may have or help you along the way!


  1. thank you so much for the recipe I have been looking everywhere and also who would you turn the battery candle on and off after you install it to the TP... I am sure gonna do this because it going to make great xmas gifts.. thank you again

    1. Did the on/off switch get addressed? I'm confused too.

  2. sad :( I did everything you said here & i let wax set 15min get lumpy & it didnt :(

  3. I was wondering how you get the picture on the front of the tp roll to make it look inset of the wax. I have been trying to make these gull darn candles for two days now and failing big time :( also, the battery op light, you don't dip the whole thing, right as wouldn't it then have the switch covered? How do you put wax on them? Help me!!! Lol tyvm ;)