Monday, December 20, 2010

FREE Twilight Party Supplies!

Gotta LOVE Twilight
(yes, I'm one of those people) ;)

So, yeah I LOVE Twilight! I'm not totally obsessed but I do have posters, all the dvds. I pre-ordered Twilight at Hot Topic and got a free Edward hologram that only Hot Topic pre order customers got! So cool! (Well, to me anyway) I have shirts beyond shirts, a clock, Bella's ring, and tons of other stuff Im sure you don't care about so I will end your torture now.

I made these for a customer and thought I'd share them now before Breaking Dawn comes out. These are gift tags, a napkin ring, and miniature candy wrappers.

Just click on them and then click to make them their largest size to print. If you have a problem printing them off just ask and I will email you the originals. :) Of course I have more twilight stuff so just ask if there is something you are looking for!

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