Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's a Jesse the Cowgirl themed Birthday Party! Yee-Haw!

                                        The Birthday Girl
I just wanted to share my daughter's 6th Birthday Party with everyone. It was this summer and I didn't have a blog then so I thought I would add it now. I wish I could have gotten better pics but like always we were running late and I was still decorating when guests began to show up! Tipical for me. We're always late for everything.....pretty sad when its your own party you're hosting huh? Anywaaaays.....This first photo is of the Jesse pinata I made myself. I was searching everywhere for a pinata and they were all so expensive and I couldnt find Jesse decorations anywhere! Of course they have Toy Story party supplies but not of Jesse by herself and thats what my daughter wanted. No Buzz! She just likes Woody and Jesse. So.......I made just about everything and had to rack my brain thinking of how I was going to pull off a Jesse themed party without being able to go out and just buy the stuff! So here's how it turned out! I hope you enjoy and if you want to throw your own Jesse the Cowgirl themed party just let me know and I will email you the supplies that you can print from your own computer!

Here is the pinata that I made from an empty box and tissue paper! The entire thing cost me......drum roll please...... $1.00! Can you believe it? Not too bad for only a buck, huh? I may have to post a tutorial on here if there is anyone out there wanting to know how to make your own pull string pinata! The awesome thing about it is, the kids didnt have to beat it up! They just took turns pulling a string until finally someone pulled the right one!  

The next photo is the "watering hole" which is a barrel I borrowed from a friend. We filled it with ice and drinks. I thought it was pretty darn cute! How about you?

Next up is the party favors! These weren't all I gave the little kiddos but these are the ones that I made.

I bought western themed plates, cups, napkins, blow outs, etc from Hobby Lobby but I had to add Jesse in here and there too.

I used the original blow out piece for my pattern. I just printed off the design on cardstock and used the pattern to trace around it and cut it out and put my new one on the blow outs.

For the next party favor was miniature hershey chocolates. I made my design and printed it off on address labels and they fit perfectly around the little sweets! 

For the last favor that I made was little bubbles. I got lucky and found boxes of these little bubbles at the Dollar Tree! I think there were 8 in a box! They came with no labels on them so I did the same and wrapped the labels I used for the chocolates on them. I thought they were pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

You can't tell in this photo but I bought a Jail prop online for around $6.00. The kids had so much fun taking turns getting their mug shots taken! Again, my sister got all the good pictures....I will have to get them from her!

I just HAD to add this next photo! This is my friend's daughter. Isn't this just precious?! I absolutely LOVE this pic! Look at those curls!!! She is wearing one of the party favors, a cowgirl hat! I got lucky again when I found cowboy hats at a different Dollar Tree! They were pretty rough looking so I spray painted some red for the girls and some black for the boys. 

Of course I had to make the birthday girl's resemble Jesse's hat so I added 3/8" white ribbon around the edges and 7/8" ribbon around the center.

This is the invitation that I made. I don't have photoshop or any expensive program but I thin it turned out cute! This isn't the exact one that I used though. I ended up changing the font style because the rope font that I had here made the words look blurry. I just used the rope font where it says "Hey Lil Partners" and used Disney font for the rest!  I free handed the cow spots and found the Jesse pic through google search and just cut out the background. I don't know much about graphic design so I went the hard way and used the crop and cut it out by hand (or should I say mouse? I don't know lol). I found the rope frame through google search too and added it on and then colored in the red to add a little color. I also made one wth a black frame with yellow writing and couldn't decide which one I liked better so I just printed off both! I have a blank one of these saved on my computer because I sold it on etsy back when I had an etsy store. If you want one just ask! After all, its FREE! Can't beat that!

Now on to the banner! I just went to good ole' paint on my computer (which everyone has), chose the star shape and made it pretty big. I then free handed some cow spots with the paint brush, the bigger stroke the better so its quicker! Next I put another star shape for the outline in the middle and made it red. I used Rope font for the letters, which I downloaded for FREE on! I made up enough to say "Happy 6th Birthday Brooklyn". I punched holes on each side of the star with a hole punch and connected them together with ribbon. Super easy to make but if you want, I could email you the Happy Birthday part and if you need the Jesse design for FREE. :)

Last pic is of one of the cupcake centers I made. I made Bullseye, Woody, and Jesse. I also have Buzz, an alien, and a couple others made up too but didn't use those for the party! Again, email me if you want these for FREE!

Sorry this is so long guys! But another thing that I don't have a pic of is the food! We had to go western style so here is a list of some of the food we had and what we had wrote beside them to make the food more fun... I saw this on another blog but can't remember who's it was so credit does not go to me for this idea! I borrowed it. :)

* Fried Chicken (Chicken Wings)
* Tray of veggies (Brooklyn's Garden)
* Chex Mix (Chicken Feed)
* Cow Tails (Cow Tails lol)
* Jessie's Hat Cookies here  

plus a lot of other yummy food! 


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  2. Oh my goodness my daughter sounds exactly like yours and wants a Jesse party. Would you mind emailing me the invite, the "Happy Birthday" banner, and the cupcake centers? You did such a great job. I love it.
    cheryljudd at gmail dot com

  3. Hi I just came across your blog and love the Jessie ideas - could you send me the cup cake centers? thanks Leah

  4. Hi, awesome job on the Jessie decor! My oldest daughter's 4th Birthday is coming up and she also wants a Jessie themed party. Could you send me the invitation and the birthday banner?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi, I love your Jessie party invites and ALL of it! Wow! My daughter is turning 4 next month and has been asking for a Jessie party. In my internet search for decorations I came across your blog. I would love to have whatever you could send me!
    Thanks so much,

  6. Hi, I love your ideas! I am doing a Jessie party next month for my 5 year old daughter. Would it be possible to send me the Bullseye Circle and the Jessie star. I love it all, but have a Banner already. Those would be great additions for my table centerpieces. Thanks so much, love your party!

  7. This is so cute!! Love love love it! Especially the watering creative! My daughter would love a Jessie party, but you're right, party material is limited with just her...Disney is definitely missing the boat on this one! Could you please send me the banner, cupcake center, invitation...heck, anything that would help me plan her party!
    Thank you!

  8. Hi there! First of all amazing work!! Like the other comments I too would love for you to please send me anything and everything you posted in this blog!!! As a prego-mommy and with the baby being born soon after my daughter's 4th birthday I can use all and any free help I can get!!
    If you could please send me the invitation template, happy birthday banner including Jessie star, the Jessie, Bullseye, and Woody cupcake topper. AGAIN THANKS!

  9. Love this!! Could you send me the invitation, jessie cupcake topper and banner?!

  10. My daughter loves Jessie. Can you please email me the invite, birthday banner, cupcake toppers, Jessie star, bullseye circle. PLease Thanks so much you are awesome!!!!

  11. Hi! I love your ideas so much! My daughter also wants a Jessie party. I would apprecciate if you could please email me thge invitation, birthday banner,cupcake toppers, Jessie star,bullseye circle. Thank you for sharing your ideas!! Gloria.

  12. Hello! First of all, great work! Can you please send me anything and everything you can? I am starting to plan my little girl's party & I need all the help I can get. Thanks!

  13. How creative all you ideas are. Would you mind sending me all the details... anything you can share would be great! I just can't bring myself to use the partycity products that are very "boyish" for my little girl's 4th bday! claudiadmoreno at gmail dot com

  14. Can you PLEASE email me the happy birthday design. wow you did amazing on the party details! i love it! THANKS!!!!!!!

  15. can you please email these files? LOVE them all!!!! my almost 3 year old will absolutely love them!!!

  16. Can you please email these files as well. I love them too and am doing a Jessie themed birthday for my soon to be three year old.

  17. Hi,
    could you please send me the happy birthday banner and the jessie star.
    Thank you. Might steal some of your other ideas too ;).

  18. Hi,
    i love your ideas! can you email me the invitations and the birthday banner please!