Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cupcake Topper Images I made for my little girl's birthday party!

Okay so my little girl's birthday isn't until April 22 BUT I need to start early instead of waiting until the last minute like always! I am planning a mermaid party for her! She LOVES mermaids as most 4 year old girls do. I didn't want to do Disney or characters AGAIN so I googled for some cute mermaid parties and got my inspiration from those. I bought some mermaid clipart from so I could make all the decorations match without having to spend a ton on etsy! I had to make the bubbles myself and the writing but I think I did pretty good...what do you think? I will keep posting new things I make and plan for the party so you can help me with the planning and give me ideas! If you know of any good party blogs, websites, etc for ideas please let me know!


  1. I did a mermaid party for Mia last June for her 4th birthday! You should go look at my post to get some more ideas. I added a link to a really cute etsy shop that sells starfish soaps on a long stick that are mermaid wands. She wraps them really cute with a little tag that has mermaids on them. I used them as part of the decor on the table and then the girls got them as a party favor to take home. Hope this helps! Oh, I also bought the Michael Miller meraid fabric and made her a sun dress and matching towel :)

  2. These are super cute. I just did a birthday party for my little girl. I've been planning it for a month. I think the sooner you start planning the better:) You're party is going to be sooo cute. Good luck with it1

  3. Amber thank you! Unfortunately my daughter changed her mind a couple of days ago....looks like its Hello Kitty! I love HK but now I have to start all over!! I had so many plans for her mermaid party! lol